Q. Does The Banc have a dress code policy?
A.The Banc Operates a strict dress code policy of smart/casual clothing. No tracksuits or hoodies permitted

Q. What time are last food orders at the restaurant and what time does the shisha lounge close?
A. Sunday to Thursday last food orders are 22:45 and restaurant closes at 23:00. Friday - Saturday last food orders are 23:45 and restaurant closes at 00:00. Shisha lounge last food orders Sunday - Saturday are 23:45and shisha lounge closes at 01:30.

Q. How long are tables booked for the restaurant and can we book a table at the shisha lounge?
A. Restaurant tables are booked for 2 hours and held for a maximum of 15 minutes. If you fail to show up or contact the restaurant within the first 15 minutes, sadly your table may be given away to accommodate another party. The shisha lounge is first come first served as we do not take reservations. The shisha lounge, like the restaurant operates a 2 hour table service period.

Q. What are The Banc’s shisha lounge age and shisha policies?
A. The Banc operates a strict one between two shisha policy and accepts patrons of the age of 21 and over only. ID may be required for entry and strictly no track suits or hoodies allowed at the shisha lounge.

Q. Where can we park?
A. We now have a private car parking facility for all our patrons. It is a 45 second walk from The Banc. You pass our coffee shop Forks & Green and it is literally on the left. Private and protected by our security team, it is operational 7 days a week from 6pm until 2am.

Q. Is The Banc Halal and is it HMC/HFA Certified?
A.The Banc serves Halal food and has done so since it opened its doors in 2011. You can find our certificate and slaughter house accreditation on our web-site. The Banc serves alcohol hence it is neither HMC or HFA certified.