Dining at The Banc

dining image The banc opened its doors to the public back in 2011, and is the result of two friends with a single vision. Steaks, Burgers & Shisha forms the core of what the banc is about, along with the rest of the menu, which is a mixture of vegetarian, fish and meat dishes. For a relaxed setting, with good food and first class service The Banc has become the “go to” venue, for all friends and families.

Banc Menu

food banc home If you like burgers and steaks as much as we do, then your going really get your teeth stuck into our menu. We go to great lengths to ensure that all our ingredients are 100% fresh and locally sourced, we pride ourselves on the consisetcy of flavour & presentation. Banc Menu

Banc Shisha

shisha image Shisha, Hookah, or the Water pipe whatever you want to call it, started way back in 1560s.
The Banc lounge offers the ultimate social environment for you and your friends to relax, talk eat, drink and of course smoke shish. Banc Shisha
“ The main draw of The Banc will always be our first class food & service. ”- Jan & Fabio - Owners
About Us
Reservation Policy
Please Note: between Friday - Sat we are only able to book a table of up to 8 people maximum. Between Sunday - Thursday we are only able to book a table of up to 12 people maximum. Therefore we cannot accept booking over these numbers, thank you for your attention, we hope to see you soon at the Banc. To make a reservation you can either fill in the Open Table form below, or give us a call on 020 8888 88 98, where a member from The Banc team will be more than happy to accommodate your booking or any additional enquiries you may have.

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The Banc (97011), London Reservations


The Banc was originally a Barclays Bank, before Jan & Fabio decided to transform the space into the go to place for all things that are Burgers, Steaks & Shisha in North London.


Birthdays, Work Parties, Engagement celebrations, whatever event you have in mind, get in touch with a member of 'The Banc' team to accommodate your needs!

Why Us

We have built up a great reputation for providing our customers with great service, amazing food and a perfect social platform for all to come and enjoy.